The Site was launched on November 24, 1998. Prior to that date, I had a 3eb fan site called The Third Eye that was hosted for free on GeoCities in 1997-1998 as part of a college graphic design class. Back then, there were not classes on building websites, it was combined with graphic design. The Internet was pretty new still, and I taught myself HTML using HTML FOR DUMMIES.

I remember emailing Yahoo in late 1997 and asking them to please list me in their online search engine. I actually received an email back alerting me to a couple of HTML errors and once I fixed them to email the the guy back and he’d take me live on Yahoo. It was a big fucking deal for a 20 year old living in Alabama; Yahoo was going to list my site!

Shortly after, traffic was pretty steady and the momentum encouraged me to keep it updated and dig for any info I could find. 3eb was pretty regular in the magazines then, so I invested in a scanner and tagged the hell out of everything. There was another fansite,, and I made friends with the webmaster, Casey, via AOL online chat room.

In 1998, Casey told me I should invest in a .com name and host my own site. At the time, it was $35 to register a domain on Network Solutions. Casey referred me to his webhosting company, CI Host, and paid $250 for 1 year of webhosting. I was a broke kid, and this was SO expensive. When thinking of a domain, I thought about all the different variations of Third Eye Blind to purchase, but I knew that Stephan was my real reason for loving the band, so I purchased Actually, I still have the original paperwork – back then you got a certificate of registration. At the time, Stephan was dating an up and coming actress named Charlize Theron. I remember seeing that was available to purchase as well, but at $35 and my current investment, I was too broke to buy it. (Hindsight is 20/20 my friends.)

Over Thanksgiving break 1998, I launched

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